Cure that hang over

drunk_homerEver woke up after a good night out feeling like the world isn’t where you belong ? Your body is screaming, your head is  pounding, I have a  few tips.

Point 1, A hang over is your body lacking water or facing dehydration because of alcohol, hangovers will take their time to go as the body recovers, you cannot accelerate it, so what am i talking about if you cannot accelerate it. Reality is the bad feeling you get is about 90% external to the lack of water, below are tips to make you feel better;

  • The bad taste in your mouth is because of the residal alcohol at the back of your tounge, you need to brush at the back of your tounge, that is where the sour taste buds are, also brust at the back of your mouth in the corners, the feeling after is immediately felt.
  • Take a shower, this is equally important, after brushing and the shower, now you feel lighter
  • Drink and eat something, for me personally I take a Coca Cola and chips with grilled / roasted chicken, works for me, everyone needs to find the right mix of food
  • Last but not least, find a way of sleeping if you can, an hour power nap after the brushing and showering, gets you back to 98% normal functioning.

Well folks, that’s all from this corner, but the two most important, brush and shower.

Simon Peter


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