Our inertia in life, Purpose of life

strategic-friendshipsMany at time we find ourselves close to our friends, family yet distant to a stranger yet if we gave them half the chance we may find many people we have a lot in common with.

If you really think about it, many people don’t really wonder why they are on this planet, what is the purpose of life, in it’s basic form, we eat, we shit, we reproduce and we die. Those are the standard characteristics of a human being but then they are the same for an animal, where do we make the distinction. The distinction is made in intelligecne, the ability to discern the long term reperucssions of our decisions.

With living comes emotions, feelings, anger but also happiness.

Natural energy flows;
The best example of how our bodies function is by looking at nature, a river, a tree, a cheater in action, a bird flying, they all have one thing in common, they follow the best path of least resistance but to the same end, a river to the base even to the point of going past natural dams, a tree to find the best angle to get the most sunlight and a cheater simply runs as fast as it can the best way it can seamlessly chasing it’s meal.

Human beings flows; as the world develops human beings as a specie become more retarded, sad but true, our great great ancestors sought pleasure and worked to have this pleasure, they threw parties, bonded with friends, opened their houses to strangers, shared a wagon all naturally and in a merry way. 2014 we see a world of disconnect, you live in the same flat or complex for 6 years and all you know about your neighbour is his or her name, you gather wealth but don’t have time to enjoy it, you have the best meals money can buy but you are worried of cholesterol and gout, you drink but prevent yourself from getting drunk.

As human beings we chock ourselves a lot, we stop ourselves from living because we try to please “the world” yet “the world doesn’t care”, i recall when i was still in secondary school, previously in Church if you stood up for offertory and as you were walking you realized your zip was open, you would cover it with your hand, pay your offertory, walk back to your seat and for the rest of the service feel so uncomfortable as you wait for the opportunity to go to the toilet or somewhere where you can zip up, sounds silly but many go through this but another lesson you learn from this is that in church you are not paying attention because you are worried about your zippier. I then put the picture in perspective, if i just realized, zipped up and continued, people would understand that i needed to zip up and the service would go on and i would have spent more hours happy rather than sad.

Today we dress, walk act and behave relative to what our view of society to us is, you love a dress, it looks good on you, you feel great in it but you think it is too short so you buy the next best in the hope that you will feel the same way as when you put on the best. You go out and fear to use your hands because you fear the judgement of “the world” yet sulk that you left meat on the bone (I am a meat person ;)), you see someone being mistreated, your urge shouts help but you stop yourself because how can you be seen fighting or it is animalistic to fight and yet your body screams help but you fight it. You fear to tell someone you love them because you fear it won’t last and why should you invest your feelings 100%,you feel the need to keep a reserve so you don’t get hurt so much when YOU finally end it because YOU FELT it would end not because the other party didn’t love you enough.

We need to develop a nature (not natural) flow, take an example of a ballon you tie a string to it and thow it up hard,when the string is tout it comes back down you hit it, one thing is common, the angle at which it hits your knuckles is the reverse angle it goes back up, in life we keep chocking ourselves each time we prevent our bodies from doing the natural thing but the worst part is that when we deflect unlike the ballon, we choose another angle that is far from the correct deflection and that deep down makes us miserable sooner or later.

How to develop the nature way, it starts with acceptance of any circumstance, acceptance isn’t the same as the actions we decide but the actions we decide are related to how we accept a situation, the five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, Five Stages Of Grief) are trivial to understanding how we make decisions, every strong decision made before the last stage of acceptance is never the best decision, the key is to drive acceptance much faster and simply saying you are in acceptance mode is like Neo in the matrix saying and trying to believe he was the one but not feeling like the one, to truly accept your body mind and soul have to be happy with choosing the outcome, a heart break acceptance is in accepting you had a good time and it didn’t work out not in blaming everything for the heart break or sulking and saying, it is okay yet deep down you don’t appreciate the little value in a bad situation, which brings us to positive thinking but am deviating.

The five stages of grief while many look at them through the light of loss, they apply to everything we do that involves a negative aspect, a bad driver who cut you off in traffic that made you so mad, do you take it to office and are so pissed you want to look him or her up, should you search for them and complain to their boss OR do you simply get angry, think about it, remember he came and went and you have schedule and “accept” it that 1) it happened and passed 2) there is nothing in that very second you can do to change the situation. That is the difference, in the stages of grief, for the person who carries it to the office, they are in denial and most times anger stages at the same time, “hell no that driver didn’t just do that to me, no way, no way no way”, “What if i had crushed, what if he had scratched me”, then to bargaining, “Should i look for them, but i survivied or what was the number plate ++) to depression “i am in the wrong mood, they spoilt my morning, this tea doesn’t taste so good because am still angry at that person”, finally accpetance, “well it is life OR I have called the boss so now i can rest” the result of accepatance is never clear but it isn’t until you fully get there that you actually move on .

Stage II, The yin and the yang
YinYangEverything we do in life is about balance, for darkness there is light, for good there is evil for hunger there is satisfaction but the balance point is when you have half day and half night on the globe or when you are satisfied but not too full and even better though you never know it, a car engine works best when the engine temperature gauge is at 50% not higher than that, if you are moving very fast to the point that you are generating a lot of heat, the gauge goes really low to compensate for when you stop, balance is the key to happy life. Tai Chi is the best art when it comes to balance, it teaches energy flows for the body that complete, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOPHsY0FnlE, watching that simple video you clearly see the lesson isn’t the movement he makes but the “completeness” of the movements, every action is completed, a swing of the arm forms the full arc it should.

In summary life is about balance, learn to balance your emotions by getting to acceptance quickly so you make sane decisions as well as making more decisions based on how you feel rather than what you think about, kids are happier because they don’t self criticize so do as you feel but most of all learn to be free in your decision making and last of all smile when you can for laughter is the window to the soul

P.S The balance of life is intertwined with God as well, finding spiritual fulfilment is another task but it all fits in the balance, decision making and prioritization


One thought on “Our inertia in life, Purpose of life

  1. So impressed. This teaches us to live a life that’s free, that’s balanced, that’s worth living. Thanks Simon.


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