Why is Apple making me everybody?

Today I was talking to an upcoming Nigerian entrepreneur, very young but enterprising, I have to say I am impressed with Jeffrey, he has his websites, portals, concepts in action but most of all they have a great plan ahead but also look professional when I start talking to him about why an iPhone is an iPhone, this isn’t a discussion of which phone is better but why certain decisions might have a minority vote but they also count.

I have owned most brands from Sony, Samsung, HTC, e.t.c, my decision to choose the iPhone wasn’t because I wanted an iPhone, it was simply because I wanted sanity, i was fed up, i had a high end phone that was hanging, blanking out, dragging to show contacts, 2minutes after pressing the dial button before it starts the call, being a tech guy, i knew the impact of lack of free memory and the impact and  yet i didn’t want to be an engineer, i just wanted the damn phone to work, this wasn’t my first phone to do this to me so my choice for an iPhone was simply to have a device that works whenever i need it, apps and the rest were secondary to my decision making.

Then i fell in love with the iPhone, it’s simplicity, it can make a 3.5 mm screen look like the best purchase, watching Steve Jobs video and hearing him say we are making the future, we don’t follow the world, we are Apple, the market doesn’t know what they want, i see his vision in this simple phone. Knowing my fair share of security, reading about the secure enclave and the security got me over the moon but by then I had my iPhone 5.

Where did they break my heart? Sadly and simply put, the iPhone6, 6+ and i hope not but future phones, there was a classic-ness in the iphone just like the ipod classic that feels like owning a Shelby GT500 1967 and having it next to a 2014 SLS, there is a classic-ness about the beauty of quality in the past standing the test of time. So in comes the 6 and 6+, i recently saw the HTC one m8 and mistook it for the iPhone. I don’t think I have to add onto that statement.

I want my Classic, bring it back in 7 for those who like what it stood for and for those who feel they want “modernity” give them whatever you can conceptualize, you simply broke my heart when you took away my 1967 and brought a 2014.

by Simon Peter

Ug Rocks!



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