Combating laziness

lazinessEver been there and felt like you have to do something but you feel you don’t want to, you hate doing so, you feel you hate that task, you try to wonder how or why others would actually do not mind it or find it boring and you can’t see why?

Some call it procrastination and for that we have structured procrastination, whenever you are feeling lazy you perform a task or action you have been putting off, hence it is a win-win because you end up still doing something constructive but that isn’t what this article is about.

What is this about ?

Negativity is the product of your mind, to fully over come the loath to do something you don’t  have to repeatitively do the same thing and hope you will like it but you simply have to embrace it as part of what you would like to do, don’t “fit it” into your schedule, make it part of your schedule. An example i can think of is home work, you hate home work, oohh drat, sitting down and writing, why or why, i just want to play on my PlayStation or the tablet, the way to embrace the home work is to look at it as part of your schedule, i leave school, go home sit do homework, have supper,play my game. This approach is very different from, i leave school, go home, want the playstation but sit down to do my homework because i will be punished.

This example looks like one for students but it applies to all, allowing and accepting a task as part of what we do yields positive attitude to that task rather than accepting it as something we have to fit into our schedule.

To quote Johny English’s sensei, “Mind over body” 😉

Simon Peter

Ug Rocks!!!!!!

(c) 2015


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