What makes a CEO ?????

What makes a CEO? Some think books, some think knowledge but the harsh reality is CEO’s are part successborn part made and not only made sounds harsh just like kings but that’s the reality, why you may ask, I will say the fact that you are here is the reason means either you are understanding the reason or looking for the reason, this can piss you off but only those that will continue to read can understand why.

Most CEOs come from the CFO and CMO role. Why ? Because at the CEO level it is about money purely, it is a sales function, I shout to all those brilliant people that think it’s about brilliance, you are so wrong, it’s about understanding what money is, you salary comes from those billables. My former engineering boss could give me a task of 5 days and rebuke me when I failed to do it in one day, he knew it was impossible but he also knew that is what it takes to succeed to make the best billables but most of all to seeve and utilize the right talent for the right task. Where do we go from here. I wish I could list what makes you CEO material but the fact stands, it will never be about bullet points but qualities about a person hence they are born and part made but not only made.

How do you fit there, it is simple, change how you look at the world, simple example, to fit in the bracket it is simple change your perspective from your goals to money deliverables and how does that relate to life, paint the world relative to a constant and you are lost, paint it relative to a variable and you win, BE DYNAMIC!!!!!!!!!!!!


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