DNA of a success junkie

successI can say to a degree of certainty that everyone wants to be comfortable in life but the definition of comfort varies from person to person, there are those who want to just lie on the beach and have money come in and then you have the inborn money monger where they look for success and more success, they are like junkies to success churning business and making profits, this is an article about the junkies, those who created one company and are now living large on the profits, lets simply say, jackpot to you and leave it at that.

Funny fact, the running of a drug empire and the running of a legitimate business empire take the same skillset and drive because they are both instances that push for people management but most of all the making of the right deicsions amidst competition and limitations to ensure excellence, put another way set a thief to catch a thief meaning that the perfect theft policeman has to think like a great thief or better, this is about characters of people, period.

What shapes success?

  • luck but in this case i will call it the right opportunities
  • The discipline to understand the weight of one’s decisions how much time to devote to a decision made and the results
  • Making decisions, doesn’t matter if they are good or bad, a decision made is an action decided.

My summary of three explained from a different angle;
One might have a lot of opportunities but the angle of attack of these same opportunities determines how successful you are with them, success can be redefined as “if you do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it, you will one day do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it”, if you are informed about something and a scenario is presented where you are well informed before hand then you are 98% there.

The superpower characters of success junkies all point to an addiction and self drive, below i list them;
Time management – This seems simple but every activity you fail to meet in a given time line whether set by yourself or someone else is a direct offset of the time for some other activity, procrastination is an enemy to success and this fits well into the next point

Waking up early – Waking up on time and leaving the house on time is very curicial to success because this is the definiton of how soon you start working on pending tasks but also dictates what discipline is to you, this falls in line with the above task of time management, to give you a feel of this, imagine you plan your next day to start at 8AM in office, by 8.30AM send your lateset report out, by 9:00AM schedule a meeting with your friend for coffee at 11:00AM, at 2:00PM go pay a supplier. Imagine you get to work at 8:45, that means you just missed your time to submit your report, your 9:00AM schedule will have to be pushed to meet your firend at 12:00AM instead, 2:00PM will have to be pushed because what you had planned to finish between at 12:30 has just been pushed to after lunch and that is how the cookie crumbles.

Exercising – This is probably one of the most important activities, they were right, a healthy body = a healthy mind, it represents among others control and stability, i hit the gym for 1 hour and push the exercises with the drive of a beast, i don’t accept failure, i am in charge, can i break my personal limit? A clumsy body is a sign of a weak mind because it means i am not in control enough to manage myself and i will not accept that. On a side note exercise allows the control freak to freak out with no restrictions on how much one can push and that helps one balance out one’s enegies.

Naturally competitive – Being competitive is equally vital because in the realm of success, normal doesn’t cut it, to fight to dominate is to look for ways to push past conventional boundaries whether through product quality or marketing and branding or simply buying a company to squash it because it shows to others that you have the muscle and control to do as you please and that should be equally respected.

Reading Culture – Reading like exercise is a discipline of determination, control and self moments, it goes to show that every minute has to be utilized well, they don’t have time to waste, reading always opens up the mind because reading is among the very few things that completely submerging oneself in something mind and body, that is why a novel is more intimate than a movie because your eyes, your brain and your creativity are made active.

Correct people skills – This is probably the simplest, they truly understand the value of every person they find, it could be the driver or the person who cleans one’s house, they understand that if you respect people in their profession that is time saved because particular tasks are never more than a second of a decision, this goes on to meeting other CFOs, understand how everyone fits in one’s schedule so you have the right resources to ensure tasks are performed correctly so your schedule can take in more and that is why they can afford to pay more for the right skill set.

Delegation skills – This is not as easy as it looks, i found out i really suck at this and i am trying to improve but the more one is attached to the finer details of everything the less time one has to plan strategy, that is key, if i am at the cobblers ensuring my shoe is mended properly, i am missing a business meeting. Another way to look at this is DO YOUR JOB, don’t do tasks that aren’t yours, this directly impacts your time management, i recall a story of a CIO who would login to routers, he was a great engineer, knew all the technology, when an outage occured he would sometimes login and try to assist the technical team, but he was also terrible CIO because he was doing tasks that were not his and forgetting his primary tasks as a CIO which is a technology solution delivery role relative to REVENUE / business objectives and expectations.

The value of pride – Everyone should have a degree of pride and use this wisely, some use pride to ensure only those who are worth their time get to them and the same pride can be used to ensure you stick to your guns to ensure you get what you want and what you deserve because you are the architect of the overal goal, the pride to ensure you push your decisions to see success is key but arrogance and pride are different things.

I would like to add things like perserverance but the qualities above fit into that, one can say choose your passions but that is a decision of what you choose to do and that is independent of character.

I sometimes say that many of those who have been really succesful from rags to riches either have no parents or one parent and are usually the caretaker of their family mostimes from an early age and the reason this is the case is that the survival mindset is nutured abit earlier because they only understand survivial and survivial is how do you expand and maximize anything so as to be able to be a survive and be provider, simply said, it is all in your mind, locate and control your mind and you can forge the path to success.

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