Digital Mafia

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The mafias were known for a few things one was the Omreta law, another was the ability to offer protection in a world where they created fear but most of all they made a lot of money dealing in illegal substances as well as being bullies.

The path of the mafia and the drug dealer are a path of exploitation on the simpler people’s addictions and fears and off that they made billions of dollars.

Come 2015 and the mafia and drug lords have upgraded from analogue to digital, instead of trading in drugs they now trade in computer viruses and worms, they now circulate worms like ransomware that get onto your computer and encrypt all your data and ask for money (about 400$) to unlock your files.

To show how ballsy they are, it is so lucrative that they are hiring direct from high-end universities, they are poaching brilliant employees in technology, engineering, marketing  so as to find the best way to make money off everyone, they own botnets (online robots), drones and huge communication links with pools of hackers behind them, online gaming sites and many others.

Identity theft is where someone assumes your digital identity and trades off that identity, usually clean out your back account, raise your credit as they use your credit cards, now imagine if they do that to 1 million people per month in a land of 2.92 billion internet users (as of 2014), identity theft can happen digitally online when they “steal” your credentials from you or from a trusted vendor when they hack them OR it can happen through ATM / point of sale fraud where the add something to capture your card details  like a camera to record your pin or a ATM false keypad to do the same.

Identities are traded usually based on the quality of a person for example the type of credit cards, ivory, gold, silver, platinum where one can clone your card or make online purchases using your details.

The digital mafia trade in identity theft and digital black mail and are making billions off of it, i guess this is expected, why would one fight with borders and risk lives when they can simply employ “free” proven technology.
In my next posting I will publish some of the heavier attacks and amounts taken by some organized hackers

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