The early bird catches the worm

This was borrowed, one has to wonder the sense of humor some people have, enjoy, Digital Mafia II to come out very soon.

Clip art from analyze: “The early bird catches the worm”
1. How early is early?

2. What if the early bird is not hungry?

3. Is that worm the biggest worm? the smallest? the perfect size matching the bird’s appetite?

4. Why do we care so much about the bird? Why is nobody concerned about the worm that got caught?…

5. What if the early bird is not smart enough to catch the worm?

I think that idiom needs to be revised for the sake of accuracy and go like this:

“The smart bird that has an appetite for worms and is hungry for one, and goes out earlier (by bird standards of time in their specific time zone) than the other smart and hungry worm-eating birds has a better chance of catching the perfect (type,shape,size,color,taste and after-taste) worm that was also there at that time waiting to be caught, maybe intentionally or out of its own foolishness or most probably out of lack of knowledge of or respect to the bird time plans and schedules in that part of the globe.”


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