death by society

So i am a mukiga, i think former me was, the new me tries to be polite, are we impolite, not really, we are direct by nature and we live in a world where being direct is being anti social, I always thought it was normal to be direct, funny ain’t it .

The Burden of the Truth
The Burden of the Truth

The weight of falsehood that human beings carry is amazing, as each day passes many compromise what they really feel or want all in the name of being polite, since when is walking up to a lady and going Russel Crowe on her such a bad thing(in the movie a beautiful mind) “I find you very attractive.Your aggressive moves towards me indicates that you feel the same way. However, ritual requires that we engage in a number of platonic activities before we have sex. I am proceeding with those activities when, in point of actual fact, all I really want to do is have intercourse with you as soon as possible. You going to slap me now?” He spoke facts but that is considered rude by society standards.

As we walk daily, i think many people are alike, an example, you go to an expensive restaurant, buy an expensiKimereve plate, they bring the plate with a lot of side greens (that you don’t eat) a potato and a piece of meat yet all you expected a decent amount of MEAT and for that you pay a hefty price you leave half satisfied, very sure you are going to get hungry in the next 1 hour and wishing you had gone to your normal joint and yet you smile and say thank you! Sadly, life is like that, we crave presentation more than self satisfaction.

We live in a society that dictates politeness and loyalty above self because one either has more money or is your supervisor so many slouch and take way less than than a normal human being should take in intimidation or worth simply because they are trying to be polite yet all they would like to do is give someone a peace of our mind because by default we should expect humans to understand we are human beings but we suppress that and sadly, the more we suppress that the more we lose ourselves and in the end we are simply miserable and the fun fact is we don’t even realize why we are miserable.

A lesson to the wise, be yourself you will sleep better at the end of the day no matter the shit you take.



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