happy like a hippo

LifeMy July post, the target of a minimum of an article a month, strangely that is how simple life is, set a goal fight to keep it, if satisfaction comes from it then well and good else we move on to the next second.

When i look back now i realize what the phrase life is short is about, i think as human beings we live in a window of 24-48 hours with a stretch back of a week depending on how our time is spent “life window”, rarely do we think past a week back unless there was something so memorable but even that lives in the thought of a moment not the entire expanse of the time.

I gave someone the analogy of being in a bar all night, having a great time, you literally don’t see the night end and yet at a point it has to end and you have to move back to work, we can wish we could stay in the bar, cinema or the fun moments but that isn’t productive for the mind and the body hence a “snap back to reality” (Eminem). I think the problem in the current world is where duties and tasks take more of mental time than happy moments.

Peace of mind is directly proportional to how short your life window feels, when you are having a great time, you don’t even think about what happened 5 minutes ago, you are simply at 500 kph/mph moving forward in the moment, when in pain or agony the 5 minutes ago is as livid as the sun on a very hot day.

I have a saying i borrowed at a point in time, a problem is not a problem unless it has a solution, this implies that one should only handle their problems when they are ready to deal with them, there is no point worrying about rent when your salary hasn’t yet come and it is the only source of rent at the moment, one might argue “what if you don’t have a salary?”, then i would argue that the problem then isn’t rent but getting money and when you get money that is when you worry about rent but then you also have to worry about food and transport and everything else ………..

The take away from that statement is that the life window is what one chooses it to be, we don’t recall our previous minute as vividly as our current minute so why spend the previous minutes worrying instead of being happy, kungfu monks (I know, i know but they practice life at it’s simplest as a culture) are content because they have peace of mind and no distractions.

Happiness is but a state of mind but most of all, the most content are those who choose the right time to deal with the right issues hence having a shorter life window because they choose to give everything the right dose, funny thought just crossed my mind, just like vitamins to the body, one only needs a little to be perfect yet that is all the body needs.


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