The vanity in our passions

Been long and a while, what to write about, the moment when the mind is full but empty, a lot has happened around us, Trevor Nelson “shelled” (Ugandan English for bashing) Donald Trump, Trumps reaction was African’s are good at sex, okkkaaaayyyyyy!!!! Moving on and gossip aside I have been meaning to write about the vices that as we grow older we forget, many a time we are stressed or not 100% internally content and the saddest part is we know it and that is the first characteristic of denial.

When the older people see their age mate leaving like a child, he / she might be scorned and told to grow up but what does that mean, forfeit happiness for the public good, I don’t think it’s fair and yet it’s what many do.

imageThere is a reason why for many the prime is when they were younger, life is easier when we go with the flow, very dangerous but when you look at the motto of they young YOLO you have to think twice if our lives should be measured by how we present ourselves to the world or by how happy we are as individuals.

The new question that comes to mind is, what is living? And I can say that for a “content” person it’s a “happy” balance between social expecations and the child in you.

Where does the line of change start? Simple, it starts with budgeting and respecting the more time you have for what makes you happy.

Feeling lost, let’s play a game, feeling found let’s simply watch.

Pick the most basic task that might seem obvious but to you, pleasure can be derived, for some it’s food, some it’s music, some it’s work, some it’s being “truely” alone (words in quotes means its relative to how one precieves themselves), ohh and going to the toilet, yap, pull the face of disgust but to some, that is a good alone “good” moment, pick that and simply try to stretch it abit, give yourself an extra minute to just get lost in the moment rather than feel the pressures of responsibility and cut it short.

In that moment of clarity as Jay Z calls it is where YOLO lives and beauty is enjoying it but beyond beauty is respecting the impact it can have in your life and to put life simply, life is a summation of your happiness punctuated with moments of sorrow, a book with many chapters is boring so why allow many punctuation points in your life.

Swahili has the phrase, (not sure or the spelling) “liwe li walo” it means “live and let live”, discover thy self 😉 😉 😉



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