A placeholder in life

Life is a culmination of the events, actions, reactions and changes that we go through from conception to the day we pass on, i once read a speech of a wealthy millionaire / billionaire in Uganda, he gave this while addressing students of a University with an acronym MUBS in Uganda during their graduation and he said, (i will paraphrase) don’t blame your parents for your failures, your lives are yours to live so live them as you not as a resultant to your “obligations”. A correct quote but to a student he just wants to hit the bar, at least i just wanted the damn function to end when my time was due a few years back so i could get it over and done with and be a graduate, reading it while i am older it hold so much weight.

A placeholder of my life is literally the same as a placeholder in your life, that moment that will forever take you back in time no matter how old you are simply leaving the raw emotion at play as you slip back to a time you either love or avoid but still a place holder in life.

The journey in life is an addition of the place holders and our reactions to them then and now.

TonyStark}{<3}{, a place holder in my life with an anchor the size of Everest inverted, standing proudly where it placed itself and day by day  it grows bigger as if fusing with the earth only to be propelled towards the ionosphere, if i were to set a new anchor now it would be me now in this very moment for i am in the past, the present and the future and one thing is common the smile then is the smile now is hopefully the smile i will always have tomorrow (to those thinking how skeptical i will say, never assume but pray and hope for the best and greatest to continue hence my phrasing).

Away from me but to inspiration, sometimes the hardest task a person can ever have is the humility to stand like everyone even when they own the world, Jesus owned us all the way and yet his humility is only comparable to God’s but then he is God.

As we set place holders in life and we grow in life we shall become great for greatness is only a path of progression waiting to happen to those willing to accept change and a burden to those denying change but either way change comes and so does greatness, in the same breath use your placeholders only to rocket jet propulsion you into the person you should be relative to the same place holders and at a point in time when you have to pass on words of news or recommendation simply say “Let not your choices become a negative anchor but your choices become the sweetness in pepper, the sweetness in Guinness and the bitterness in morphine”


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