Syncing multi-factor authentication

lastpass1So, am paranoid about security, having two factor authentication, i.e, something i know (my password) and something i have (my phone) with those QR codes that keep changing every 30 seconds such that at least in case my password is compromised then one needs my phone and to add onto that i use lastpass password manager (pretty hefty nice tool), it allows for “only” local host and encryption and decryption of my password database, that means if their site is hacked, all one sees is gibberish and a hogudou random blob.

My biggest concern has been what hapasswordsppens if they steal my phone or if i lose it or it gets wiped or it just dies and i have my primary sites there, would that mean that is it for me (Yes they have “plan B” options of onetime code sheets and recovery phone numbers and emails) but who whats to do all that when in 2015 i should be able to sync my keys.

Until today morning i was using google authenticator, pretty nice tool but syncing it is a problem, i did a bit of research, the solution was to take a pic of the QR code at the same time on my iphone and ipad as when i am creating it, okayyyyyy, so i have to redo all this again and make sure each time i am enabling 2 factor i have both devices, seems cumbersome, abit of search and i discovered Authenticator plus on the apple store, for 2.99USD i have sync capability across my devices, very handy tool, Authenticator plus website link





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