Why we make the decisions we make

vulture_cartoon.Funny to realize in reality, at work or in school that we are all extreme opposites of another person and we don’t see eye to eye with that person yet a part of us envies them because they are what we are not.

The fast reckless guy wants to be slow and more cautious in decision making, the slow and cautious guy wishes he / she was a risk taker.
You are about to say hell no, it’s because you haven’t yet “seen” and acknowledged your self relative to your environment.

Back to the topic, it’s no coincidence that we are like that, our decisions are a result of our upbringing versus who our core self is. The more the up bringing is so against our core we are either greater risk takers or docile and if the two are closer, we are more  “at par” we are balanced and the goodie person who is responsible and efficient.

We make decisions based on the result above, we are cautious or dangerous but in an office the best manager isn’t one who only knows the employee who keeps policy and principle well but the one who knows how to put two of opposites to get profitability and drive numbers.

For those not really looking at profitability (the I want to do my job and management MUST do theirs ) learn from your opposites but the true you is where your strength is not in the ideal of the masses but in the trust of yourself, if your employer is disorganized that it messes you up, leave and vice versa, there is always a job that fits your personality so find it,

Not to leave you hanging if you are in an opposite job to your personality NEVER despair but find the KPIs of your job, aim for those the rest of the time simply enjoy your other “life”


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