Virtual Box Keeps crashing after Windows 10 Anniversary update

Hello hello,

Abit of tech talk, i have this power horse machine that has my labs, 7 Virtual box machines and they need my attention, after the update, i got issues, everytime i tried to start my virtual machine, i got a BSOD with a QR code (I wonder why like i have a phone ready to scan the QR code)

At first i thought it was my VMs in saved state e.t.c but that wasn’t the case, i updated my VM version to 5.0.28r111378 and this didn’t help, windows event viewer didn’t help me, Virtual Box logs also didn’t help.

The Solution was to disable the hypervisorlaunchtype from “on” to “off”.  The command is;

start –> powershell (right click and run as administrator)

“bcdedit” – This shows you the current status

“bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off” – This sets it to off

“bcdedit” – This will confirm that the change is committed.

Reboot the PC and try again.











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