I love tech, part of me is a geek.

I am a free thinker meaning i might speculate here and there but i also love facts and research. I have been passionate about technology security in so many ways since i discovered computers in my world in 1999, over the years because my job wasn’t mainly security my involvement has varied. I use the term technology security because i find security very wide but it also scales past a personal computer, a server or the next phone you have for example in this modern day and age 2016 as of writing this cars, kettles, light bulbs are all playing a role in our technology security.

The demonstrations shown in some articles are from my private lab and not any public system for which i lack permission. I carry them out in the interest of finding out what is out there in terms of security but also to best understand what is evolving and how exposed we are, they might not be exhaustive in some cases but they are not meant to encompass everything at the same time.