Recover a hacked website

So, one of the sites i know got infected with malware, not a proud thing to say but sh*t happens, given that i had just updated wordpress and all the plugins that could safely be updated while maintaining full site functionality (in this case all the plugins that had the update option were updated) i […]

Remote access by creating backdoored office documents

Many treat security as this thing that is far from them and can’t happen to them in part because they can’t see it but also because many wonder why they would even be targeted. The demonstration below isn’t meant to facilitate illegal behavior but rather to show the ease with which somethings can be done […]

Simple OS fingerprinting (zero tools)

A unique simple way to OS fingerprint with no tools, this can be done using the TTL value of a ping packet, TTL is time to leave, this is the number router hops a packet can take before any other router can stop routing it. When the value gets to zero OPERATING SYSTEM TTL SIZE […]

Public ip and geo location via Linux CLI

use the script below to display you IP and geo location. open a file in linx, paste the content below; e.g #!/bin/bash dig +short | curl Assign execution permissions to the file chmod a+x Execute the file and view results; ./ { “ip”: “”, “hostname”: “”, “city”: “Bucharest”, “region”: “Bucuresti”, […]

Cracking WPA/WPA2

Hacking WPA /WPA2 using Kali Linux Disclaimer: Do not try this on networks you are not authorized to do so on.   — List the wireless network adapters root@test1:~# airmon-ng PHY Interface Driver Chipset phy0 wlan0 rt2800usb D-Link Corp. DWA-125 Wireless N 150 Adapter(rev.A3) [Ralink RT5370] root@test1:~# — Start wireless monitor across that adapter root@test1:~# […]

Emulating Raspbian /Noobs on qemu

This is an article on how to setup QEMU as an ARM emulator and hence install Raspbian or Noobs as the OS for a Raspberry Pi, this was stumbled upon when i wanted a Raspberry Pi emulator for a passion project I had thought about. A Raspberry Pi is a small computer circuit board that […]