Pbkdf2, why you should know that

So, Britain has broken off the EU, Brexit , that’s a headline but one thing we never see such headlines for is password and database breaches, what is pbkdf2, the short version, math to protect us when we lose sensitive data like our passwords, before you think this isn’t for you, we are talking about […]

Should retirement be age based ?

Should personal retirement be age based ? Am listening to this pension podcast, I know considering am so far from collecting mine, anyway someone writes in and goes, what is the best advice you can give me? I half expect them to go and say save, put your  money away and let it earn interest […]

Why we make the decisions we make

Funny to realize in reality, at work or in school that we are all extreme opposites of another person and we don’t see eye to eye with that person yet a part of us envies them because they are what we are not. The fast reckless guy wants to be slow and more cautious in […]

Syncing multi-factor authentication

So, am paranoid about security, having two factor authentication, i.e, something i know (my password) and something i have (my phone) with those QR codes that keep changing every 30 seconds such that at least in case my password is compromised then one needs my phone and to add onto that i use lastpass password […]